More hiccups

Well guys this week has been a rough one. If you read our last post that will explain half of it! By the way I apologize for giving such gruesome details about the ways our victim was abused. I was trying to paint the picture and looking back on it now, it may not have been the best way to approach it. So sorry, but on a side note also know that when things like this happen it really gets me worked up and angry. I hope you see how passionate we are about saving these pups and also hope you want to help us about by donating or even taking in one of our pups. We can’t thank you enough.

SO onto my most recent problem. This one is not dog related, but rather company/location related.

If you read one of my first posts you may have seen we moved to a new place in Rowlett. You may also know that this place is a huge upgrade and we were able to pay 90% of it off upfront because of all of our AWESOME staff, donators and volunteers. We truly can’t thank you guys enough.

Unfortunately, our location is in a pretty busy part of the city, and we have limited spots for our customers, employees and whoever else that wants to visit our place.

We literally have 5 open spots for parking. Yes I know this sucks. As you could imagine these spots go pretty quickly when we have 2 taken up for employees from the get go.

Well as of yesterday we have ran into a problem of people not coming into our place, but still parking in our hard earned parking spots.

I now know why business monitor this so closely. I used to be say the heck to a company’s parking spaces. Now I see exactly why they do this. For one these spots costs us a pretty penny upfront and if people are parking in them and not shopping in our store or even visiting us, we are losing potential money.

I knew we had to take action because the longer I let this go on the more customers we would lose. Therefore I took immediate action and call the police (I shouldn’t have called them looking back at it). I shouldn’t have called them but again, I got a little heated when I saw what was going on and they simply discussed with me alternative actions I could take. Either talk to other business owners about it and maybe it would help, which I doubt would help. Or option 2, call a tow truck service and have them start towing vehicles that use your spots.

So what did I do? Choice 2. Did I want to do this? Not at all. It is actually a bit of a pain in the butt, but it’s the only thing that seemed logical to do. I mean at the end of the day I own these spaces and reserve the right to have them towed.

So I called Tow Rowlett. They were happy to work with me and the job was done. They even offered to hang out and try to scare some people from parking there, which really did help.

After they towed a couple people, we were good to go. We even got a sign stating if you park here and are not a customer, you WILL be towed.

We haven’t had any more issues and we are all and good to go.

I don’t like being the bad guy but I just really want this new place to be functioning 100% so I can run it as efficiently as possible and help our staff and these pups out as best I can.

Sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to let you guys know why those signs are there when you pull up. It’s not that I’m a bad person!!

Why Abuse Dogs?

Please excuse me for putting all of my thoughts into one post. Thank you for reading in advance. Hopefully you can understand where I am coming from and see the importance of keeping a healthy relationship with your dog(s). Enjoy.

Why Abuse Dogs?

This week we have had to pick up many beaten up and abused pups from their broken homes. I must say that typically these pick-ups I can deal with. Most are pretty bad but nothing I can’t handle. I mean after being in this business for quite some time now, I have seen some pretty horrid scenes. Including dogs that were beaten to a pulp and eventually died.

For some reason though a few pickups we had this week really left me stunned and confused. How can people do this and still get away with it? For those wondering, the dogs we pickup are all ones we were tipped off to come and get. So it’s not as it may seem, or as it is in the movies or even on the news every day.

For us the dogs we pickup they typically never see justice for the people who did this to them. For instance, we received a call from a private unknown number for two cases and they gave us a hint on where the dog may be. Lucky for these people we were able to find the dogs in time to save them and to provide a better life. Unfortunately though most pickup locations are in the middle of nowhere and there is simply no clues left for us to hint at who the abuse was coming from. Am I happy we rescued the dogs? Yes. Am I mad we didn’t find the people who did this to them? YOU BETCHA!!!

So why was I in such a trance? Come on Sandra keep it together you have seen these kind of stories for years now, I kept telling myself. Unfortunately nothing I did would help. Especially once we got to our latest victim of the week.

It was the same story. Anonymous call, remote location and no clues. Except this time the dog was in the worst state I have ever seen any moving, breathing and living object in my LIFE.

The people had not only beaten this baby to a pulp but they had also chopped all of his toenails off to where they were bleeding, cut part of his tail off and even snipped parts of his ears off. As you could imagine this led to quite a scene when we pulled up.

Blood everywhere, dog laying lifeless with his fragile ribs exposed. We arrived to save him and immediately opened his eyes. Poor guy was close to death we could tell. We rushed him to our emergency vet and got him the help he needed. As of now he is still at the vet and struggling, but he is in a better place no doubt about it. We can’t think the people at the veterinary’s office in Rowlett enough. What a savior they are.

But this still brings me back to my question… Why abuse dogs? Small dogs, big dogs, ugly dogs, whatever. WHY? Takes a cruel and unjust person to harm a pup the way this guy was. Just unreal that people exist like that and are living heir life every day free of no injustices. These guys would go to jail for quite a while if we ever found out who did it. For now Roko is in a better place and we are glad to save another young puppies life.

Depending on how long he is at the vet’s office and how long it takes us to get him back on his feet, we will be finding him a very safe and sound home. We look forward to starting this guy’s life all over. With a family who will love him for years to come.

Help us Save These Pups

Are you looking for a pup to take home tonight? How about one that is well trained by one of our staff and have been rescued from an abusive situation? We need your help! we have around 5 pups that are needing a home right now. As of right now they are all getting along great and it will be hard to see them go. BUT we know what is right for these pups, and ultimately a new owner and family that will love them even more than we do will be ideal for these furry friends.

What do we need from you if you are interested?

The process is simple really, we have to meet you first and foremost so this would involve you coming on over to our business and us setting up an interview/ meeting with you to make sure you meet all of the criteria to take in these pets.

We only do these interviews because we have to be 100% sure that they are going to a good home. Some of the questions we ask are pretty in depth but nothing too hard as long as you are an honest and genuine kind of person.

So after the interview we sit down as a team and discuss our thoughts as a team and make sure everyone is okay with you taking on these fluffy pups that we have grown very close to. Please note that though this interview process may seem weird, it should also show you how caring we really are about these dogs. Not many other rescue shelters will take the time to sit down and not only take care of the adoption process, but also verify that the new owner meets the standards.

Also note that we only do these interviews because of what that these pups have been through. Each dog that we have taken in, we have physically had to go rescue them from their battered shelters. It starts with a simple call from a concerned citizen and then we come and check it out. We call the local police department and have them come with us just in case their are any hiccups (sometimes it gets dicey). We just really don’t want these dogs falling back into the same hole that they were already in because it really isn’t fair for them .Each and every pet deserves a life of freedom and happiness just like every human in America.

Anyways, so after our team approves you (typically we call you back in the next day or two) we then call you back in to come fill out a background check/application. This is free and costs nothing to you, It is simply just another way to further check each and everyone of our customers.

From there we then let you know if you are approved or not. If yes then the pup is yours for a small one time flat fee. This fee is simply just to cover our costs that is took to house the dog. We are not out to break your bank or anything like that, we are just trying to help the community and save one dog at a time.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please email us at We look forward to meeting you and providing you with a new friend that will change your family for the better.

Below are some of the dogs we currently have available.


Please let us know if you are interested!

First Things First

What better way to start our new blog off than with what has happened to our old place of business! For those of you who have visited us in the past you would know that our office space was extremely run down. It was dirty (from all the dogs), crammed and just really frustrating to everyone working. We needed a bigger lot of land where we could house an unlimited amount doggies in need.

We aren’t exactly a company that is bringing in tons of money. I mean at the end of the day most of us are just volunteering our time anyways. Our office was considered free because we knew the buildings owner and that was his way of giving back to society.

How were we going to afford a new place?

You guessed it! Fundraising. We hustled our way around the town everyday. Hosting different events where we could involve dogs from all across the Metroplex. Our turn outs were extremely awesome. Each event we hosted seemed to get bigger. The bigger they got the more the word would spread.

Not to mention some of these events got pretty interesting. One of my favorites was the best dressed dog event. To say the least, everyone was very creative and everyone who attended really had a blast (or at least I think they did).

dog 2


After around 5 fundraisers throughout the year we were able to raise more than enough to buy a new place of business. We truly can’t think all of our supporters and everyone who make a donation enough. We couldn’t have done it without you. It is truly amazing what a group of great people can do when they all come together to help support a cause that they all believe in.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND SUPPORTED. Without you guys we would be suffering in the same old smelly and dirty box.

So where are we now? Not too far from where we used to be, in fact only half a mile away. We were able to get a great deal on this unit as well. The only difference is this time we were able to pay for it on our own!

On top of being able to pay for it, we had tons of local businesses that came out to help us fix up the place. FOR FREE. WOW. Pretty amazing huh? We had everyone from Billy Faulkner Painting Services to help slap a fresh coat of paint,  to the awesome staff of a new and up and coming cleaning company Business Cleanse. We even had Panchos and Lefty’s come out and provide us lunch for the day we moved in. We didn’t call any of these guys, they just all came out and helped us out. The great people who all helped us out called them for us and told them about the situation we were in and they made things happen. We cannot thank you guys enough.

Here is a look of the new place we were able to buy. What do you guys think? If I had a pic of the old place you guys would be amazed by the upgrade we were able to make.

dog 3

Sorry for rambling on about our new place, but we just really wanted to take the time out and thank some of the people that helped us out this past year. Without you guys we are not sure that we would have been able to keep this amazing journey going.

Feel free to share this to anyone who you think would enjoy the story. Also be sure to check back for more stories to come in the near future. :) Have a good night!

Dog Lovers Unite

dog 1

We have been away for awhile now but our efforts have stayed steady. We have been able to help hundreds and almost thousands of dogs world wide in the last few months. We helped so many pups that we forgot to maintain and keep up with our website! Luckily for all of us we have wonderful stories from all of our adventures.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sandra Dull. I started this blog to help unite all of the small dog owners in America (hint Save Our Small Dogs).

We hope you joining our journey and for those who have been following us, we hope you continue to follow along and join our efforts to help any dog in need.